First Drafts: £50 fine

The first draft of anything is shit“.  Thanks Hemingway, you’re so right.  Here I am on a break, taking a walk, trying to come to terms with my first draft HELL and I thought this bin summed up how I’m doing, creatively.

Draft one is multiple bags of the stuff.


I keep thinking of Hemingway because, my God, it’s so hard to get past this stage isn’t it?  Creating something from nothing. Everything is wooden, characters are lifeless, situations are contrived.  Everyone speaks the same and subtext is a few drafts away yet.   Bags and bags of shit.

But I press on.  With my walk and, back home, with my first draft, thinking of every hackneyed phrase ever invented: “get it written”, “writing is rewriting”, “just do it”.

It’s all true of course but it doesn’t make it any easier knowing I’m going to have to clear up after myself.







4 thoughts on “First Drafts: £50 fine

  1. Sending positive vibes from North of The Wall. If I may witter on for a moment, Michaelangelo didn’t carve David in one go. At least, I don’t think he did. Maybe he did, now that I mention it. Shit, now I have to go and research that. But, let’s assume he didn’t for sake of my argument. I hope that provides some encouragement, or at least a momentary distraction from anything stressing you out. Pip, as Matthew so succinctly puts it, pip!


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