Drama → Tragedy → Comedy. In 2.25 minutes


This was the TV that started me on the road to script writing.

I watched it when it was broadcast, in 1996, sitting on the green velour family sofa.  I was frozen to the velour: how did this happen when we were tuning in for something funny?  How could Cassandra have lost her much-longed-for baby?

It is a stunning piece of writing.  From Rodney’s despair through to Del’s rousing speech and delivering you to comedy.  In just over two minutes.


OK, it may not be to your tastes, and thirty years might have dulled its edges, but this is real talent.

John Sullivan has put me through the wringer.  He has made me feel, for those two minutes, that I really LIVED.  Emotions which are dulled by the crushing daily routine, are roused and sated.

How often do you get something that makes you cry and then laugh into your handkerchief?

It’s  Crème de Menthe.

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