BAFTA mentoring – my top 5 Baftafacts

Ashamed to say my main focus at this point was in fact the biscuits… 

Apart from the opportunity to see your work on the stage, get introductions to top peeps in the industry and, heck,  know that you have a BAFTA supported award,  you get mentoring as part of the package. 


So I and a dozen or so other BAFTA illumini (and they were ALL men) had a day of mentoring from top industry professionals including Matthew Bates – agent from Sayle Screen.  And here are my top five takeouts of the day… 

  1. “Everyone feels the party is going on elsewhere.” Important to remember when we work in isolation.  Even top writers feel outcasts,  less successful, insecure. You are not alone.
  2. You can choose where YOUR story starts and ends. You don’t have to dwell on past jobs, dead ends etc…  This applies to your cv as much as your own peace of mind.
  3. Enjoy the journey.  This sucks but basically the gist is don’t get hung up on being successful straight away.  Take pride in trying.  Enjoy submitting to competitions. Winning / commissions come later.
  4. Agents are looking for…  talent (!), commitment,  relationships.  (Be good, be a workaholic, be really nice).
  5. Use spec scripts to alter how people think of you (producers, agents etc). Always known for gritty TV? Write a film romcom.  You know what I mean… 

My secret

How I juggle being a full time mum,  full time employee at the BBC, and writer.

It’s about priorities… I used to write in the evenings,  after working all day then turning round two tired children – booting up the laptop at around 9.30pm.
It wasn’t good. 

So instead I prioritise writing.  I get up at 5am and by 7am I have finished two hours of writing and two coffees. And my secret? It’s tattoo cover up cream (as pictured).  It hides the stupendous bags under my eyes as I try to juggle it all.  Full strength, no shit industrial strength makeup.  

Bring it on.