Reaching my ideal wait


Dr Seuss got it right: there’s an awful lot of waiting around.  An unhealthy amount, in fact.  For production companies to get back to you, competition outcomes, feedback, networking emails, events …

But I’ve found a great way to cope with it.  It’s GO FOR IT … get more and more things to wait for.   Because, really, the more you have “out there” the less value each individual script/ email/ entry represents.  Back in the old days I would write one script, send it to one person/ competition/ company … and wait.  And everything, all my focus, would be on that one script.  And of course, when the rejection came, it was total and absolute.

But now, in my multi-layered many-script world I have lots of chances.  Some are working, some aren’t … but now my focus is on the journey forward, and not on the individual steps.  Something’s rejected and HEY that’s OK because there is so much good stuff out there, something else is bound to work.

That’s not to say I’ve sacrificed quality over quantity.  Not at all.  But I’m working hard, spreading my bets … embracing waiting.

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