There is no badge for Film


I gave up Girl Guiding for Basil Rathbone.  I had no option: the 1930s Sherlock Holmes series was broadcast at the same time as Guides.  My parents weren’t happy and the Guide Leader was not impressed when I had to explain why I was leaving*.

Never mind, because I loved those programmes – and still do.  The flickery lighting, dramatic music, fabulously dressed women.   But most of all I loved Basil Rathbone.  Full stop.  A hero of the big screen filling the small screen.  So now, as I find myself encouraging my children to stay in Scouts, I’m realising that hey, maybe it’s fine to flop in front of the TV instead.  Because it could lead, one day, to bigger and better things.


*I did stay long enough to get a hostess badge though, so not a complete waste of time.

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