Spec script writing: always a joy

I recently set out to write a gritty, contemporary domestic drama … here are a selection of words I have looked up in order to write it:


Yup, the gritty, contemporary drama didn’t make it.  But – and this is a good point about writing a spec script– it is entirely, brilliantly fun to write.  I am loving living in this new world I have created, spending time with these troubled, fictitious individuals.   Real life keeps getting in the way but as soon as I can I’m back into 1799 and deciding what terrible things can happen to my characters.

If that spec script isn’t something I’m passionate about, and care about, then why would I write it in the first place?  And why on earth would anyone want to read it?

Al Pacino made an interesting comment about auditioning for parts (which is sort of like spec script writing) in that you just have to embrace it for what it is: the chance for your work, albeit briefly, to have an audience. Don’t focus on success or failure to get the part (commission), revel in the chance to rehearse, learn, improve.   Enjoy it.

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