Save the world: write

I love surveys, and I love BAFTA, so the news that the two have combined just made me very happy last week.  LINK HERE

In a report they’ve titled Subtitles to Save the World the academy – and Deloitte – analysed the subtitles of non-news programmes across the major broadcasteers over year and found (surprise!) Brexit is one of the most mentioned terms … and way down the list, after cats, cake, Shakespeare and picnic (!) came climate change.

Is it really so side-lined?

BAFTA went further, with the chairwoman urging the industry to tell powerful, human stories to connect audiences with the world around them.  If we write about it, our audience will think about it, and if they’ll think about it … well maybe they can make a difference.

And the very, super, wonderful best thing about the whole thing is that my current spec children’s TV script is just about that: a family saving the world in an everyday way.  Hurrah!

Reduce, reuse, recycle, rewrite…

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