Baron: BBC creatively on fire

Today I had a ringside seat for Tony Hall’s address about the future of the BBC.

It was the usual mix of celebratory fluff “hey guys, we’re creatively on fire” and ambitious call to action “lets reach a billion a week” but for me the standout line was given by David Attenborough in a pre-recorded  segment.  Looking right into the lens he said the BBC is there to tell your stories “so … what do you want to say?”

It was a simple but powerful challenge: if you have something to say then the BBC is there to help you tell it, no matter who you are and what your background.

An uplifting moment and a reminder to keep a clarity of vision at the heart of what we do.

And the biggest surprise?  Baron Hall of Birkenhead sports bright stripy socks.  You heard it here first.

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