A writer is both verts

Writing is a crazy occupation. You need to be sufficiently introverted to want to spend time alone for weeks, days, months on end, lost in your own world. And then it’s published/ broadcast and you have to emerge into the bright lights to promote it.

So you need to be both introverted and extroverted at the same time.

Absolutely loved promoting The Colour Room. Here are images from a few promos: from the on-stage premier Q&A to the (many many) Zoom panels, radio interviews, and press interviews.

The Premier at the Ham Yard Hotel, off Leicester Square
Zoom panel for NFTS
Q&A at St Austell Arts Centre with Tim Hubbard
The calm before the storm: post-screening Q&A at sold-out Penarth Cinema, Cardiff
The glamour! In my mother’s bedroom during a phone interview for BBC Radio Wales.