Portfolio of my other work


Rescued chairs (one of four in total) from the Art Deco cinema in St Austell. I got the chairs dipped, I re-sprung them and then recovered in Harlequin velvet and designer fabric remnants. Part of the structure I had to have recast – 100 year old chairs are fragile – which I did at a foundry in the Welsh Valleys. They wouldn’t accept payment (it was too small a job) other than a crate of beer. #gottalovewales


Based on the prints by E A Seguy. I love blowing these prints up, changing the colourways – and especially gilding the backgrounds. Acrylic and gold ink. Absolutely NOT gold leaf which I find nearly impossible to handle!

Stained glass

I made this window a few years ago. Most of the glass was sourced from a shop hidden away in Camden, north London. I particularly love the bizarre ‘cat chasing lion’ glass (the largest, clear panel) … what does it mean?


I made this, and a few other pieces, in Hay on Wye. I was trying for a milk bottle – but got this instead. Hot glass does its own thing and sometimes you have to go with it.


Acrylic and ink.