Feature – optioned by Rocliffe Productions

Two sisters fight to the death for the parent’s inheritance.   A one-hander film.

image_6_495The Colour Room.  

Feature – optioned by Caspian Pictures and in production with Sky Cinema

The story of Clarice Cliff.  In the 1920s, an impoverished young paintress from the drab, industrial Midlands refuses to be defined by her circumstances and dares to embark on a journey into colour and design that will lead her to become a leading Art Deco figure of the twentieth century. 


Feature (not yet optioned)

A female-led WW2 road movie inspired by a true story.   An upper-class socialite is gleefully given a punishing mission by her working-class superiors at the Auxilliary Territorial Service: delivering a classified cargo loaded into a twenty-five tonne Leyland Octopus to a remote Highlands naval base.  Against the clock.



(not yet optioned)

In a lawless backwater terrible deeds are done with good intentions. Ruth Edwards’ father died when she was a baby.  So it’s a shock to discover – two months before her first child is due – that he’s only just died.   Emptying this stranger’s home that’s now hers, meeting his friends and neighbours, Ruth pieces together fragments of the man she’ll never know, and questions who she is as a result.  But too late Ruth realises there was a good reason why this much-loved pillar of his local community was dead to her before.  A crime thriller set in the Gwent Levels, Wales.

The Guerrilla Gardener.  

A gaslighted young wife struggles out of the shadow of her policeman husband, rediscovering the woman she used to be … by embracing crime.

A story about power struggles in a marriage, against a turf war power struggle in a city.


Tinned Street. 
A drama inspired by true events: in Liverpool a working-class community’s fight for survival to save their rundown streets from destruction – which went on to win the Turner Prize.


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