Backbone.  A WW2 road movie based on a true story.   Evelyn has to get a 22 tonne Leyland Octopus truck from London to Northern Scotland in 48 hours.



Comedy film.  Cara is a forensic facial reconstruction artist who’s gone rogue: she’s stealing the skulls of the famous dead to create her own Madame Tussauds collection.  Archie is the sexy new Dean of Winchester Cathedral who’s poised to lose his position thanks to the hellfire and brimstone Bishop who loathes the sight of him.  When Archie catches Cara stealing Jane Austen’s skull from his cathedral their worlds collide.



Comedy sitcom.  A fresh take on the Upstairs/ Downstairs and Fawlty Towers theme, set in a stately house.  At Etwall Manor the high-born house Volunteers see themselves as the rightful owners, the outcast Gardeners are armed and dangerous and the stately house is a war zone where only tourists dare to tread.



Now part of a Cardiff Comedy Collective alongside script writers, would-be writers and stand-ups.  First action: team-developed sitcom.  Second action: world domination.



What happens when the last person leaves a neighbourhood? Up in Liverpool the Welsh Streets is an area of tinned-up windows and boarded doors: just a few residents hold out against the developers.  It’s the basis for my six part comedy in a Passport to Pimlico style.   The unwilling hero, his bossy pensioner side-kick and a Council chief with his personal map of destruction.



I’m thinking of a rags to riches story from near my home town … but how to sell Stoke on Trent?


What happens when a multi-billion dollar dam can’t be completed?  The hottest project managers get sent to Zimbabwe to get the job done but it’s not as simple as they think.  A 45-minute radio drama where business and the supernatural collide.


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