The Colour Room.  


The story of Clarice Cliff.  In the 1920s, an impoverished young paintress from the drab, industrial Midlands refuses to be defined by her circumstances and dares to embark on a journey into colour and design that will lead her to become a leading Art Deco figure of the twentieth century. 

Starring: Phoebe Dynevor, Matthew Goode, David Morrisey, Luke Norris, Kerry Fox, Darci Shaw, Bill Paterson, Adrian Rawlings.



Against the ticking clock of their mothers’ end of life, two sisters fight to the death for the inheritance.  


Feature (in development with Sympathetic Ink)

A female-led WW2 road movie inspired by a true story.   An upper-class socialite is gleefully given a punishing mission by her working-class superiors at the Auxilliary Territorial Service: delivering a classified cargo loaded into a twenty-five tonne Leyland Octopus to a remote Highlands naval base.  Against the clock.


The Last Invasion


1797 and the French invade rural Pembrokeshire. With the army 3 days march away, and the local militia infighting, it’s left to the women and the elderly to defend the realm. Based on a true story.


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