Four books, ranging in theme from facial reconstruction through to escapee wild cats and sulky aristocrats.  HERE’S A LINK TO MY AMAZON PAGE


Publishers like to put you in boxes and my novel writing box is “comedy fiction”.  The Big Issue reviewed my work and said I had “more substance than your average chick lit” though, which was decent.

For me there’s a theme of people taking things too far and exploring the outcomes.   I tend to go for beautiful or at least engaging settings, larger than life characters and always try to keep it just within what could actually be possible.


This novel evolved from the question what would happen if a forensic facial reconstruction expert decided to create their own Madam Tussauds collection?  It seems to me that while gold and jewels are locked away the dead are really quite accessible and all it would take is a crowbar, a rucksack and a long dark night.  And wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what Jane Austen really looked like?

Guerrillas in our MidstGUERILLAS

Where does guerrilla gardening stop?  What if you tidy up a messy neighbour’s garden one night?  What about their fencing?  What about the neighbour themselves?  Bad things happen when the middle class prepare to clean up their neighbourhood.

Big Cats and Kitten HeelsBIG CATS

A hen weekend goes horribly wrong.  A group of girls descend on a cottage in the Brecon Beacons for a spa weekend with hiking, spas and horse riding.  But there are rumours of a wild cat in the landscape, and a handsome farmer too.

The Floristry CommissionFLORISTRY

The Mr Darcy of a Derbyshire village is losing his country pile and Roz, who has already lost everything, is on hand to catch him as he falls.

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